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A Powerful Letter from Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in response to Journey into Europe and our launch at American University

April 11, 2018

My dear friend and great example,

I am writing to say thank you so much for the invitation to be with you and our other friends at the University last month. It was a wonderful program, and I was pleased to have the chance to be one of the participants. I am also truly delighted with the copy of your extraordinary book. I have already begun reading it, and I find that it is hard to stop — it is fascinating and a most important document for all those who want to find peace in the mercy and compassion of God. Thank you for doing it. You and your team will be blessed by many, many people as more and more have a chance to learn of the extraordinary studies that you have made at a time of great internal crisis for the world and of great courage for those who are giving leadership for peace and happiness.

I look forward to seeing you again soon, and I thank you for the extraordinary gift from an extraordinary team. I know you will be more things like this, because it is clear to me that the world needs studies of this kind and leadership like your own.

With every good wish and my best regards to your team and your family, I am

Your devoted friend,

Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick

Archbishop Emeritus of Washington



Muslim identity in Europe – Taimur Shamil, The News

Former ambassador Akbar Ahmed is the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University Washington, D.C. He is former Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK and Ireland. Professor Ahmed is named “the world’s leading authority on contemporary Islam” by the BBC. He is the author of several books on Islam and Muslim identity and has written extensively on Muslim identity in the West.

In his recent book, Journey into Europe, Akbar explores Islam’s journey into Europe while elaborating the roots of two different identities; Islam and Europe. He tries to find out if these two distinct identities, Muslims and European, are compatible?

In the words of Noam Chomsky, who praises Akbar’s latest book, “His latest study, based on direct research with a group of young scholars, explores the complex interfaith reality of Europe, both in history and today, from an Eastern perspective, reversing the familiar paradigm. It is sure to be yet another influential contribution, one greatly needed in a world riven by conflict and misunderstanding.”

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Journey into Europe featured in the New York Times “11 New Books We Recommend This Week”

JOURNEY INTO EUROPE: Islam, Immigration, and Identity,by Akbar Ahmed. (Brookings, $34.99.) Ahmed, a renowned Pakistani scholar and diplomat, gathered a team of researchers to interview Muslims across Europe about their situation. “This, I felt, was Europe’s ticking time bomb,” he says. In her review, Atossa Araxia Abrahamian writes: “The fundamental message of ‘Journey Into Europe’ is that throughout history, Islamic and European civilizations have often been not just compatible, but complementary. It’s crucial to acknowledge their shared past to reject today’s resurgent tribalism.”

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Amb. Ahmed to deliver lecture at Harvard University on Friday, April 13 at 3pm