Praise for Journey into Europe

“Ambassador Akbar Ahmed stands out among the global thinkers and leaders working to illuminate the way in our darkening landscape. His latest project on Muslims in Europe is yet another illustration of his vision by offering us understanding of, commitment to, and hope and compassion for humanity.”
Dr. Haris Silajdzic, former President and Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Akbar Ahmed has a well-earned reputation as one of the most balanced, learned and original interpreters of Islam in its engagement with the non-Muslim world. It is hard to exaggerate the importance of this work, like so much else he has done, at a time when myths and fantasies still stir up corporate fear between our communities. A deeply welcome and thoroughly professional study.”
Dr. Rowan Williams, Former Archbishop of Canterbury and Master of Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

“Akbar Ahmed’s profound and careful inquiries have greatly enriched our understanding of Islam in the modern world. His latest study, based on direct research with a group of young scholars, explores the complex interfaith reality of Europe, both in history and today, from an Eastern perspective, reversing the familiar paradigm. It is sure to be yet another influential contribution, one greatly needed in a world riven by conflicts and misunderstanding.”
Professor Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Ambassador Akbar Ahmed is a treasure. His voice, insights, wisdom, and experience are desperately needed right now when so much U.S. and European policy toward the Muslim world is guided by fear, ignorance, and greed. We applaud Akbar Ahmed, perhaps the best-known scholar of Islam today, for continuing to enlighten us through his quartet of studies. Journey Into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Empire, the fourth in the series, is indispensable reading given the state of affairs today. ”
Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick , film-makers and authors of The Untold History of the United States (2012).

“A deeply engaged and brilliantly, executed book by one of our most distinguished anthropologists and public intellectuals. I know no other that throws as much light on the subject as it does. Read widely as it should be, it will make the world a less agonizing place.”
Baron Bhikhu Parekh, former Professor of Political Theory at the University of Hull, Vice-Chairman of the UK Commission for Racial Equality, Chairman of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain, Centennial Professor in the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Westminster

“Ambassador Akbar’s exploration and insight into issues affecting European Muslims is needed now more than ever. Extremism fosters in an environment of suspicion and suspicion is born from ignorance, therefore Professor Akbar’s detailed analysis will undoubtedly help Governments, policy makers and civic society to better tackle radicalisation in Europe.”
Humza Yousaf, Minister for Europe and International Development and Member of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland

“The Muslim world faces the most critical challenge in modern history with Islam under siege both from within and by the West where Islamophobia is now widespread. Amid the unconscionable silence of Muslim political leadership and the faint voices of Islamic scholars the inhumanity of radicals has come to represent Islam. Akbar Ahmed, who I have the pleasure of knowing since we trained together at the Civil Service Academy in Lahore half a century ago, has emerged to offer a rare voice of exceptional force , clarity and dare I say sanity .His landmark study in four volumes representing outstanding scholarship should have a lasting historical impact in improving relations between Islam and the West and is indispensable reading.”
Ambassador Touqir Hussain, a former Pakistani diplomat, Diplomatic Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and currently Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and Senior Pakistan Visiting Fellow of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University

“Akbar Ahmed cuts across disciplines with geographical breadth and historical vision allowing him to illustrate that understanding Islam today means understanding ourselves. ‘Us and Them’ are intimately connected. As anthropologist, ambassador, and humanitarian, Dr. Ahmed pursues policies of sanity, replacing fear with co-existence, and ignorance with documentation using film and the written word. All are issues of national security both here and elsewhere.”
Professor Laura Nader, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley

“Of all the scholars I have studied, the work of none is quite so uniquely characterized as that of Akbar Ahmed by what traditional Islamic scholars called looking at the world through “two eyes” or Dhul Aynan—the capacity to see the exterior and the interior,the spiritual and the physical, the emotional and the scientific—which enables the accurate and fair understanding of different perspectives.He brings the same quality to his project on Muslims in Europe, and he makes me especially proud as a Muslim European.”
Mirnes Kovac, Editor, Preporod Islamic Magazine, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Ambassador Akbar Ahmed’s tireless quest for co-existence and peace is essential for the planet’s future. Either we explore the path to coexistence, or we shall be condemned to perish. Akbar Ahmed shows us the right path in this book. It is a treasure of understanding and wisdom. We are grateful to him for pursuing his admirable and noble quest.”
Fadela Mohatar, President of the Institute of Cultures and Deputy Minister for Women, Autonomous City of Melilla, Spain

“Journey into Europe is the latest stage in Professor Akbar Ahmed’s career-long quest for greater understanding between Muslims and the rest of the world. It goes beyond other studies in approaching its subject matter – Muslims in Europe today – without polemic and in a spirit of honest, open inquiry. It therefore offers a breath of fresh air in a debate often polluted by bias and entrenched views and will be an important asset for all who hope for a better understanding of multicultural Europe, and for a future marked by improved intercultural relations.”
Professor Peter Morey, Professor of English and Postcolonial Studies, University of East London and RCUK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellow for Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue project

“Your film is a compelling, gracious, thoughtful study and we’re proud to be involved in it.”
Paul Smith, USA Director, British Council, Washington, D.C.

“ This film should be required watching in the classrooms of Europe and the world. Understanding that every continent is a collection of civilizations not a clash of them can only help the next generation overcome the shortcomings of this one.”
Nathan King, Anchor, CCTV America


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