Casa Arabe welcomed Ambassador Ahmed and the Journey into Europe team in Cordoba, Spain

Ambassador Ahmed and his team recently arrived in Cordoba, Spain where they were welcomed by Casa Arabe and its Director General, Ambassador Eduardo Lopez Busquets.

Casa Árabe is a Spanish public consortium headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. It operates as a strategic center for Spain’s relations with the Arab world, a meeting point where different stake-holders and institutions, both private and public, from the worlds of business, education, academia, politics and culture dialogue, interact, establish lines of cooperation and undertake joint projects.

In order to complete its mission, Casa Árabe possesses two headquarters, one located in Madrid and the other in Cordoba, which provide it with a privileged geographic position not only in the Mediterranean region, but also as a mediator of exchanges between the Americas and the countries on the Persian Gulf, where the presence of Spanish companies and professionals is growing larger and larger.

Ambassador Ahmed was honored to host Ambassador Lopez Busquets in April for a special lecture at American University’s School of International Service titled “The Islamic Legacy of Spain.”

While conducting fieldwork in Cordoba, the Journey into Europe team had the privilege to meet with leading figures in the Muslim community, the Bishopric of Cordoba, prominent scholars from across Spain at a conference specially organized by Casa Arabe, and cultural figures such as musicians and artists. Ambassador Lopez Busquets and his Cordoba representatives, Amira Kedier and Javier Roson Lorente, himself an anthropologist, received the Journey into Europe team with traditional hospitality. Our friend Javier graciously promised to accompany us to his hometown of Granada for the next round of our visit in Andalusia. Ambassador Lopez Busquets made special trips from Madrid in order to make the team feel welcome.

In Cordoba, the team had the opportunity to visit a number of historical sites including the Cordoba Cathedral/Mosque, seen in the background of the video of Ambassador Lopez Busquets. In the video, Ambassador Lopez Busquets discusses the idea of the Cordoba paradigm, based in coexistence between communities or la convivencia, in conjunction with the mission of Casa Arabe.


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