Ambassador Ahmed Lectures at the University of Copenhagen

The Journey into Europe team recently arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark where the visit was launched with a lecture on the Journey into Europe project by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed at the University of Copenhagen.

The lecture was sponsored by Professor Ehab Galal of the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies and the Forum for Islam Research at the University of Copenhagen. The audience was at capacity in a packed room in spite of the freezing rain and end of semester exams. There were many distinguished guests in the audience–Ambassador Masroor Junejo, the Pakistani Ambassador to Denmark; Rabbi Bent Melchior, the former Chief Rabbi of Denmark; and many other prominent professors and leaders in the Muslim community.

While in Copenhagen, the Journey into Europe team has a very hectic and exciting schedule, meeting with leaders of the various faith communities in Denmark, interviewing other prominent members of Danish society, and visiting with the Muslim community in their mosques and homes in order to better understand Danish society and culture and the experiences of Muslims in this Scandinavian country.


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