This is America and the World: Amb. Akbar Ahmed – Journey Into Europe, Pt. I

Episode 1923: Amb. Akbar Ahmed – Journey Into Europe, Part I
After President Obama’s first Presidential visit to a mosque, Dennis Wholey begins a tremendously timely and important two-part discussion with renowned Islamic scholar, author and filmmaker Ambassador Akbar Ahmed. The Ambassador is the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University. Their conversation aims to diffuse Western fear and resentment surrounding Islam and contribute to the understanding of the true basis of the religion and its positive contributions to the ideals of the Western world. Topics include global perspectives of Islam today and an examination of Amb. Ahmed’s recent film, Journey Into Europe: Islam, Immigration & Identity. The film explores the essential and often overlooked role of Islam in the crafting of Western civilization. Through film clips and earnest discussion, Dennis Wholey and Amb. Akbar Ahmed begin to untangle the powerful trend of religious intolerance which has become one of the most pressing cultural conflicts of recent history.

To see which PBS stations will be airing the program live this weekend, please visit This is America and the World‘s website


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