Amb. Ahmed calls on US Deputy Chief of Mission in London to discuss Journey into Europe

US Embassy Visit 2

Ambassador Ahmed presents the Journey into Europe film to DCM Elizabeth Dibble

On May 19, Ambassador Ahmed visited the US Embassy in London and called on the US Deputy Chief of Mission, Elizabeth Dibble, in order to discuss the Journey into Europe project and present a copy of the film. Ambassador Ahmed had previously met Ms. Dibble last year at an important conference on Islam hosted by the Ditchley Foundation outside of Oxford. Ms. Dibble appreciated the project and its aims and was delighted to receive the film. Also attending the meeting was Mohsin Akhtar, the owner of Heydon Grange golf course and farm outside of Cambridge, Frankie Martin, a member of the Journey into Europe team, and Anneliese Reinemeyer, the Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in London, who will also attend the screening of Journey into Europe at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London on May 21.

US Embassy Visit 1

From Left to Right: Mohsin Akhtar, Ambassador Ahmed, DCM Elizabeth Dibble, and Frankie Martin


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